OSF Merchant Banking Partners boost innovative products in Brazilian health sector
The partners of OSF Merchant Banking are permanently screening investment opportunities around the globe. Patience during the process and full speed upon closing a deal are fundamental requirements in order to have the chance of a sustainable success, particularly when looking at early stage situations.

Industry 4.0 in Europe and Fintech in the USA have been focus for some time. So have more recently innovative concepts in digital health care. Evaluating investment segments with traditionally strong expertise, Brazil was chosen as the one to launch a complete innovative product which has the potential to change the economics of a sector which suffers from exponentially growing health care costs, a public health sector with tragic performance and structure and dramatic logistical problems in urban and rural areas.

After 2 years of intense research with doctors, clinics, insurance plans and corporate sponsors, the MedPass project is up and running with very solid seed funding provided by OSF Merchant Banking partners. The team consists of doctors of various disciplines and IT experts from machine learning, robotization, data mining to privacy and security experts. The drill is to break the typical user habit who stops using an application - if he downloads it at all - after a couple of weeks. To this extend, health care is traditionally lagging behind Fintech or Social Media, although and abundance of applications has been developed.

MedPass is a technology platform that organizes and takes care of all relevant health related issues. MedPass designed the virtual passport, which stores, organizes and evaluates medical information based on the input of patients themselves, physicians and other health institutions. MedPass applications are intuitive, interactive and personalized, producing user engagement at all times. It is a system of continuous learning with data, which generates an epidemiological profile and manages orientation, prevention and treatment, adding value to the user and optimizing the management of health costs.